FFL Transfers

All Transfer prices are per gun

How TO DO A Firearms Transfer


Firearm transfer process

   1.  Notify us that you intend to have a gun transferred to us from another FFL dealer and provide information so that we may contact you.

      2. Give our information to the FFL you are purchasing from & have them contact us. At that time, we will obtain a copy of the dealers FFL number and provide them with our FFL in order to ship the firearm.

 3. The customer will need to work out payment details with the dealer you are purchasing from. Elite Arms Company will in no way take payments for a purchase that is done through another dealer. It is the sole responsibility of the customer and the dealer you are purchasing from to make payment and shipping arrangements.

4. Elite Arms Co. will notify you when the firearm arrives.

 5. You will then fill out an ATF form 4473 and complete a background check.

      6. Once the background check is completed, you will pay a transfer fee in the amount of $25.00 per  firearm transferred. Every third transfer will be done for free!